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251 Bus Campaign

The 251 bus that runs from Edgware to Arnos Grove through Burnt Oak, Mill Hill, Totteridge and Oakleigh is not fit for purpose. As the sole West-East public transport route in this part of London it is in heavy demand. The 27 seat capacity bus will be filled before reaching Burnt Oak during peak mornings leaving dozens of commuters in Burnt Oak and Mill Hill unable to travel. We are calling for an increase to the bus capacity along the 251 bus route from Edgware to Arnos Grove from 0630 to 0900 and from Arnos Grove to Edgware from 1700 to 1800. During these peak times the buses are already full to capacity before Burnt Oak in the morning and Totteridge in the afternoon. Indeed a Freedom of Information request demonstrates that the buses are full from Burnt Oak to Totteridge from 0630 to 0900 which is a distance of about 5km. Along this part of the route it is almost impossible to get on the bus which leaves many people stranded. The commuters at this time of the day using this bus route are often on low incomes and on shift work; punctuality is vital for their jobs however they are not been given a fair opportunity to travel.